Tips & Tricks

When to fix? When to Replace?
Give me a few stats on how long things last and the big leap in efficiencies in the last 5 years.

Water Heaters
The average water heater lasts 8 years.
- Tankless vs traditional
- Efficiency vs cost
- Tax rebates

When a faucet drips how much is it costing you?
- 1 drip per second is 347 gallons of water.
- Add that to the cost of sewer and it can add up?

Toilet Running
When your toilet keeps running or randomly fills itself it is costing you?

Laundry Room
If you need a more efficient area or a new tray/sink near your washer. We can look at ideas to upgrade the space and make it more user friendly. Or would you like to move it to your first floor. More and more homes are seeing the need to move the laundry into the upstairs to be closer to the family and other activities.

Restaurants First Impression
Are your sinks, faucets and toilets working properly? How do they look? Outdated? Worn out? Customers today expect a functioning, like new rest room facilities. How does yours look? Are you losing customers because they always say...check out the bathroom first if it is clean and functioning that is the same way the kitchen is.